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All children have dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. Astronauts, firefighters, lawyers, and doctors always seem to make the list. But what about children who want to be Disney Princesses? Or radio producers? Or professional pancake testers? (Don’t ask…)

Well, kiddies, those people work hard and do well in high school, go to expensive private colleges, and graduate with degrees that can’t get them jobs. Then one day while they’re sitting at home (because now they’re living at home with their parents) trying to balance applying for jobs with having a social life, they rediscover a passion of theirs: cooking.

Oh the doors this opens! Not that it will get them jobs…oh goodness no. What cooking does is helps them cope with their feelings. Get rejected from a job? Nothing double chocolate chip brownies can’t fix. Need a warm hug on a cold night, but you have no boyfriend? Whip up some piping hot sweet potato soup. Sure, it won’t get their parents entirely off their backs for still being unemployed, but it will put them in a food coma long enough to provide an escape route.

So, with their (not so) patient parents and fully stocked kitchens, Taylor and Caroline (who once were the little kiddos with big dreams spoken about earlier) decided to start a blog to chronicle their adventures in food. It’s been more than a little messy but mostly delicious and hilarious. Join them as they try and navigate life in the real world using food they make to help them get through it!


4 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. hi! so glad you found my blog 🙂 mine’s definitely a work in progress, but i’ll be adding recipes to mine too. i’m excited to follow yours because i love, love, love to cook too.

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