Latte Love

So I think I have a latte issue. But seriously.

photo 1

fancy latte

Looking through my Instagram profile the other day, I realize that I take mostly pictures of food (duh), my kitten, concerts, and coffee. Coffee has become it’s own category, that’s how much caffeine I’ve been consuming lately. Now the name of this blog is called Latte Issues, but I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of coffee before this past year.  I would enjoy the occasional soy latte or chai tea from our school’s Starbucks but I never had to drink coffee for the pure reason of needing caffeine until I got a real job. Now almost every morning starts off with a cup of coffee. And living in a city full of coffee shops that all have amazing coffee, it’s hard to not be obsessed.


iced mexican mocha #magical


iced coffee ❤


marley trying to sneak a sip

photo 2

no need for sugar or cream #delish

ps follow us on Instagram for more pics of coffee and food 🙂 @latteissues


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