The other day I was watching someone eat pizza. (Don’t question it.)  I was thinking to myself, wow, pizza is just GREAT, isn’t it? And then I said out loud “Wow, pizza is just GREAT isn’t it?” And he responded, “Isn’t it? Pizza is just GREAT. Wow.”

We then proceeded to talk about how pizza is just one of those perfect foods. The idea of marinara sauce on bread is quite wonderful in and of itself, but then the added gooey-ness of the cheese on top, not to mention the assortment of aromatic herbs and toppings is just… well, great!

But we can’t eat pizza for every meal (or can we? muahahaa) and I’ve already done a pizza recipe on this blog, so I thought about what the next best thing would be and came up with: A Panini.

When I studied abroad in Italy I didn’t actually make any panini because I think I was too busy already stuffing myself with pasta and Nutella, but I went to the Oil Shoppe enough times to learn about their magic abilities. 

You see, paninis have this quality to make any feeling infinitely better. Feeling sad? Eat a panini. Feeling frustrated? Eat a panini. Are you already happy and satisfied? Eat a panini. HUNGRY? EAT A PANINI.

So even if you don’t have a panini press like I used below, figure out a way to use your stove or your microwave, or use your fireplace or WHATEVER you need to do to make this happen, because I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Ingredients (use any or all of the ingredients below!)

Loaf of Italian bread
Mozzarella cheese
Roasted red pepper
Sun dried tomato
Olive Oil


Preheat your panini press or pan to medium head. (If you’re using a pan make sure to have something heavy to place on top of the sandwiches so you can squish them down and make them meeeelty.)

Slice bread in one inch slices. Slice mozzarella and tomatoes into half inch slices.




Assemble the contents of your sandwich on the bread.

Brush the outside of the sandwich with olive oil.

Place on panini press or pan and cook for about 3-5 minutes on each side until light brown and crispy. Flip and repeat.







3 thoughts on “Panini

    • thank you! i love your page. i only wish i could be as organized as you are in your videos. just taking pictures, i’m able to hide all my mess!

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