Vacation Station

As has been established over and over again on this blog, life can be pretty hard for your average underemployed 20something.

Something that isn’t hard?

Taking time off from my working-7-days-a-week-schedule to travel to Seattle and Vancouver with my family.

Here are some photos that I took (SPOILER ALERT: Most of them are food. Big surprise.)

After the photos I’ve listed my favorite restaurants that we ate at, so if you ever find yourselves in the area, make sure to check them out! Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram (@latteissues) for even more photos of my trip (and our superbly exciting lives!)







Matt’s In the Market

Toulouse Petit

Cupcake Royale

The Walrus and The Carpenter


The Flying Pig

Bainbridge Island

Treehouse Cafe


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