Good Things

The past few months have been a little crazy around here with the whole moving ordeal and being “homeless” for a couple weeks but I am finally settling into my new place with my new roommate(s).


home sweet home

I say roommates plural because last weekend was free kitten adoption day at the shelter. We still didn’t have internet set up at home so we decided to go check it out. And surprise! We came home with a kitten.

oh hey

oh hey

I will be the first to admit, I am a dog person. I have never had a cat nor really cared for cats. That might be changing because of this guy. I mean come on, how adorable is he?!


gotta get those shutta shades on

he loves music #soulmates

he loves music #soulmates

My Instagram is slowly being taken over by kitten pictures and I apologize to anyone who is Snapchat friends with me. I’m trying to get it down to one pic a day I promise…



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