Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

So I’ve been a little slow on the posting front because I got yet another internship! I had applied to this one in April, but never heard back, so I just figured they didn’t want me. But then a few weeks ago my roommate from college told me they posted on their twitter that they needed interns and that I should apply. I told her sadly I had already applied and never heard back. To which she responded, “well, did you send a follow up?”

“…I’m supposed to do that?”

So I sent the world’s most enthusiastic follow up e-mail and literally FOUR MINUTES later I got a response that said “I can’t believe we missed your resume! Want to come in for an interview tomorrow?” So I went in, interviewed, and the next day found out I got it.


So for those of you trying to keep track we’re now up to: 1 full time internship, 1 part time retail job, and 1 part time internship.

If only my unemployed self from October could see me now! I like to think she’d be so proud.

Here is a recipe to celebrate my new level of underemployment. (It’s even gluten free so Taylor can celebrate too!)

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies





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