Finals Week Food Haikus

This week’s blog post is brought to you by the letter K, the number 12, and the fact that last night I tried to make donut holes and failed miserably.

Also it’s almost my One Year Anniversary of graduating college and I’m feeling a lot of feelings. (All of the feelings to be exact.)

This time last year in acting class I was starting to meet commercial agents and casting directors. I was also spending the rest of my time avoiding studying for my Vietnam class by watching an obscene amount of Homeland in the library and writing haikus mostly about food.


Annoying homework.
I don’t need long division.
I am an actress.

The 8th floor of Bobst.
Stranger in the library.
You smell like onions.

I eat my sandwich,
Text, and watch last night’s Homeland.
Library badass.

In the library
I eat my crunchy carrots
Cause I’m a baller.

My, my, my, what a year it’s been!


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