Resume 101

Even though here at latteissues we have become experts at using food to help us with our problems, we have also learned quite a bit about practical real life ways to deal with underemployment. This includes things like writing effective cover letters, learning how to market oneself, and practicing good interview skills. But sometimes even working hard and completing these tasks won’t get you the job. Which is why after months of that crap not working I decided to rework my resume; this time including Special Skillz which would set myself apart from other unemployed 20 somethings:

– Ability to type 101 words per minute due to far too many hours spent on Facebook and Tumblr.

– Fluent in gibberish.

– Highly proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and dealing with homeless people.

– Self taught juggler.

– Hyper-extension (in shoulder blades.)

– Ability to turn into a sweaty mute in under five seconds when talking to a cute guy.

– Extensive knowledge in reality television shows and World War II.


But actually though…I started being more successful with jobs/internships/life etc. when I found other hobbies to distract me from being unemployed. For instance, starting this blog helped me get  interviews because I was able teach myself new blogging skills that employers wanted instead of moping around eating brownies, which granted I kind of still do, but that’s besides the point. Having interesting things going on in my life made me more interesting to talk to and therefore more hire-able. And specifically in my situation it definitely didn’t hurt that in interviews I was able to talk about delicious food, which made them subconsciously hungry (for me).


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