Brinner? Dinfast?

Sometimes I just really don’t feel inspired to cook. Or bake. Or eat anything that isn’t from a bag, frozen container, or box. But now that I’m “eating healthy” or rather, “trying to eat healthy,” I’ll push myself a little harder on nights when I come home from work and just want to stick my face directly into a bowl of popcorn.

One of the easiest ways I find to combat my aversion toward cooking (read: laziness) on these nights is to have breakfast for dinner. Dinner doesn’t necessarily need to be huge, it just needs to be filling. And so Brinner (breakfast/dinner) or Dinfast (dinner/breakfast) was born! The other night I whipped up this little breakfast burrito/breakfast tortilla/fancy egg concoction. It was pretty healthy, simple, and delicious.

Breakfast Burrito/Breakfast Tortilla/Fancy Egg Concoction

2 egg whites
2 breakfast turkey sausage
2 tablespoons salsa
1 whole wheat tortilla
1/2 avocado

1. Separate egg whites from yolks and spray a cooking pan with non-stick spray. Cook your eggs however you like: scrambled, omelette, over-easy whatever suits your style. Cook the turkey sausage according to instructions on the box (I microwaved mine for 55 seconds.)
2. Warm up tortilla (carefully) over a low flame on your stove or heat in a toaster oven.
3. Spread salsa onto the tortilla and add sliced avocado, turkey sausage, and egg.
4. Roll up and enjoy!

**This is just a sample of what you can put in the tortilla. Black beans, cheeses, and even rice could go well in this recipe! Let me know what you guys come up with!

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (3)

photo 4


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