Aaaaaaaaaaand now we have jobs!

That’s right folks, you read that correctly: Taylor and I are now (under)employed and on our way to becoming fully functioning adults!

We both got jobs working retail for the same company even though we’re 2,000 miles apart. Now our love for food AND clothing will keep us together FOREVER (although hopefully we won’t be in retail for forever because I’m not sure what I’ll do if I’m still working for the same company in like 70 years and I’m sure Taylor feels the same way.) (edit: Taylor says she does.)

Now I’m sure you’re beginning to get a little sweaty and anxious wondering, “BUT WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE BLOG?????????!!!!” Well, fear not because even though we’ve only been working for a short period of time, we’ve already got tons of stories about retail life, not to mention this is only one job on our path to world domination – I mean….until we find careers in the fields we love.

We’ll still need food to cope with the days when we have difficult customers or when we decide to start eating healthier because now that we have jobs we need to fit into real people clothing and not pajamas everyday. Also food will be there to comfort us when it seems like I’ll never be able to save up enough money with school loans payments each month to move out of my parents house or when Taylor freaks out about her decision to move 2,000+ miles away from her family and friends (edit: these pre-life crisis moments are becoming less frequent!).  

So stick with us and keep reading! Tell us your stories and continue to send us recipes! There certainly is a looooot more for us to figure out on this journey.


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