Lots of change going on here at LatteIssues! Although I am still unemployed, I am happy to report that I am moving out of my parent’s house. Without going into too many details, the job search process hit an all-time low last month and I decided I needed to move to a place where there were more opportunities. The city I picked happens to be over 2,000 miles away and I only know 1 person who lives there. Sometimes I think I’m a little crazy…but then I remember how much I love new places and get excited to finally start my life. The road trip to my new home begins this morning with a good friend. We have lots of snacks and caffeinated beverages for the weeklong trip. We will be staying with our friends who live throughout the country and I am looking forward to catching up with them all over a good meal!

I am very lucky that I have parents who supported this decision. The last few months have not been the best and I want to thank my mom and dad for putting up with me and letting me work through my issues by making lots of messes in the kitchen 🙂


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