So far, Caroline and I have told entertaining anecdotes about living at home and then shown you pretty pictures from our adventures in the kitchen. Today I am going to tell you an entertaining story and show some pretty pictures…of recipes that have failed! I hate to admit it, but not everything I make tastes delicious. Sometimes the results are even inedible.

Case #1- Homemade Skillet Cornbread

What could be so difficult about cornbread? I found this recipe and although I didn’t have all the ingredients, I figured it I could just substitute a few things here and there. I rarely follow recipes that closely anyways.

Substitution 1: No buttermilk. I made my own by adding a tablespoon of vinegar to a measuring cup and filled it with milk.
Substitution 2: No shortening so I used butter.

Well everything mixed together well and the cornbread baked up perfectly and looked perfect.


Then I cut myself a little slice, took a bite, and promptly spit it out. The cornbread was light and fluffy but it tasted like pure vinegar. My substitution of milk+vinegar for buttermilk must have been what caused this but I was very upset. All I wanted was some cornbread to go with my chili! Someday I will buy buttermilk and shortening and attempt the recipe, this time following it exactly!

Case #2: Homemade Donuts

I saw Fabio Viviani make his donuts on The Chew and could not wait until my gluten free flour mix arrived in the mail to make them. I hadn’t had a donut in forever (1.5 years) and living in a region of the country dominated by Dunkin Donuts has not been easy. So the flour arrived and I immediately got to work.


This time I had all the ingredients, even the yeast to make the dough rise. Well, my dough didn’t really rise but since I was working with gluten free flour I thought maybe the yeast worked differently. Or maybe it was just defective. Whatever the case, I sent the picture of the final product to a bunch of my friends and almost every one said something like “Yum! Sugar cookies!”

Clearly the donuts did not look like donuts. They tasted delicious when they were fresh and warm but the next day, they were not as good. Next time, I’m going to have to find a recipe that caters to gluten free flour.

I love to experiment when it comes to cooking and while sometimes the results might not turn out well, most of the time I discover a new dish that I am able to share with my family and friends. Having a family that supports my passion for cooking is something that I am thankful for this year. Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow 🙂


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