The Capitol

Living the unemployed life can sometimes cause you to feel a little lost. If you are so lost that even Caroline’s suggestions cannot help you, then I would recommend taking a trip! After being home for months and not venturing out into the world, taking a trip can be a bit intimidating but well worth the effort. Visit that family member you haven’t seen in years (free room & board), set up some informational interviews (making an effort to figure out your life), and start researching restaurants!

Last week, I traveled to our nation’s capitol. While there I met with several professionals who were incredibly kind and willing to talk about their career journey. I took advantage of the nice weather and walked to and from most of these meetings. At one point, I legitimately stumbled upon the White House. Maybe it was the fact that I approached the building from the side but for some reason, I thought it would be bigger? I was on the phone with my dad questioning whether or not it was the White House and then hung up so I could take a picture.

With all the physical activity, I made sure to eat very well…

Moulles and frites: the perfect dinner combination. These mussels were the Autumn special that featured butternut & acorn squash cream, poblano, crispy shiitake mushrooms. The fries were some of the best I’ve ever had as well. The restaurant is called Granville Moore’s and I would definitely recommend checking it out the next time you are in DC. The other food highlight of my trip was the gluten-free Black Velvet cupcake at Red Velvet Cupcakery. Sorry for the lack of a picture, I was too busy inhaling the cupcake.

Whether it’s a day trip or long weekend, having a break from your everyday unemployed life can do wonders for your mental health 🙂 And can provide some inspiration for the kitchen!

Random picture from my museum outing! (Museum of Natural History)


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