Livin’ the (Unemployed) Dream

Sometimes you find yourself at home alone on a Saturday night, in your living room watching Disney’s Tangled, and crying your little eyes out because you’re just so happy when (SPOILER ALERT) Rapunzel finally sees the lanterns she’s wanted to see her whole life, but hasn’t been able to because an evil woman locked her up in a tower because of her magical long hair that can heal people when she sings.

Sometimes these things happen, and you wonder how they could have happened to you.

Then you remember you’re unemployed and living at home.

The most important thing to do in this situation, or any situation like it, is to NOT PANIC; as it will only make things worse. What you need to do is dry your tears, enjoy the rest of the movie, and do something productive, like organize your sock drawer, exercise, or look on Craigslist for a job. (But BEWARE: do not get distracted by the missed connections on Craigslist, because we all know you haven’t left your hometown in weeks. And even though you may feel like hot shit because the (middle aged) checkout guy at the library has asked you out every time you see him, clearly the “cute redhead on the N/Q subway to Queens this morning” is not you and don’t even try to convince yourself it is.)

Going from 17 years of school structure to all of a sudden nothing-ness can be a hard transition, so it’s very important to try and make yourself some sort of schedule. Even if the schedule is something simple like go for a run, make breakfast, look for jobs online, and take the rest of the afternoon off, you need to just have something. My schedule is very similar to this one; just add in time for some re-reading Harry Potter, an afternoon nap, and baking something after dinner.

Speaking of baking…

I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials lately for Toll House Nestle Cookies, but had resisted making them do to my thinking that I needed to make something fancier. Well boy was I glad I caved and made these little guys, because sometimes a chocolate chip cookie is all you need to clear up even the gloomiest of days.

Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

So make yourself some cookies, figure out a schedule, and then let me know what you’ve been up to…because there’s some free space in between visiting my (future) boyfriend at the library and watching daytime talk shows that I’d love to fill in!


6 thoughts on “Livin’ the (Unemployed) Dream

  1. I could really use some of those cookies at the moment 🙂 I settle for reading, applying for jobs, catching up on 24 on Netflix and cleaning. I’ll add cooking to my list of “to do’s” for tomorrow!


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  3. Cookies look delish. I definitely agree about making your own schedule. I have a whiteboard and I divided it into 3 sections. I’ve got “Today” “This Week” and “Eventually” It’s super useful and it helps me stay focused, even when everything is going to shit.

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