An Apple A Day…

….keep the unemployment blues away? It’s October and apple season is here so head out to your local orchard and get picking! If you do decide to pick your own, you will spend enough time trying to figure out what to do with all of them that you will forget, at least momentarily, that you do not have a job. And trust me, it’s a nice break to not think about all that stuff. This website kindly compiled a directory of apple orchards so check to see if there is one located near you. Call ahead to confirm that the apples you want are available. I would be that person who drives the distance to a farm only to discover they do not…

Sometimes the pretty ones grow on high branches and you need to stretch a bit so be prepared. Also note that a half-eaten apple is in my other hand. Tasting the apples is a part of the experience. How else are  you supposed to figure out if they are good?!


2 thoughts on “An Apple A Day…

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