Just One, Please

It can be difficult moving back home after college. You’re no longer constantly surrounded  by friends, roommates, and if you went to school in the city like me, homeless men. Sure, you hang out with your friends a few times a week, but mostly you spend your time sending out cover letter after cover letter and researching every deity you can think of  to pray to that they will “please cut you a friggin’ break and give you a job.” (Yes that is a direct quote. No, it hasn’t worked yet.)

So what do you do now that you don’t have other people to cook for? Not cook at all? Am I just supposed to let all of my wonderful brownie and cookie recipes waste away? Am I supposed to make these recipes and eat them all myself? (Because I can, and I will…) Well, I’ve found what seems to be a pretty good solution to these problems, or at least a solution until I can convince my parents to let all my friends move in with me: mug cupcakes!

For those of you who don’t know, mug cupcakes are recipes that make just enough to bake one quick cupcake in a mug in your microwave. They’re perfect for us college grads who aren’t used to going to sleep before 1 am and need a quick little snack before bedtime.

Last night I was in the mood for a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing so I had to find some recipes to mix and match.

For the cupcake

For the icing

The cupcake was surprisingly easy to make. The recipe makes two and since this was my first time making a cupcake in my microwave I decided to cook both differently. The cupcake recipe I found says to bake in the oven, which you can totally do, but unfortunately my oven is broken at the moment and so I had to use the microwave. Cooking in my microwave took roughly 1 min 40 seconds but other recipes online say it could take as little as 1 – 1.5 minutes to bake.

The first cupcake I made without a cupcake liner and the second one with. I was nervous the paper liner would set my microwave on fire, but my love of cupcakes and eating helped me set this fear aside and I tried it anyway. Obviously both cupcakes tasted exactly the same and the only difference was in how they looked. (One in a paper lining and one not. Duh.)

The icing was also really easy to make. It makes enough for three cupcakes and the vanilla cupcake recipe makes enough for two cupcakes. Though I didn’t do that on purpose, it ended up being brilliant because it meant I could eat the icing meant for the third invisible cupcake all by myself. Muahahahaha.                 


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