That Time When I Ordered a Bowl of Whipped Cream in Paris…

I think that was the moment when Caroline realized we would be good friends. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who orders a bowl of pure whipped cream for dessert? Ok, so maybe I didn’t mean to order it. Maybe I felt good about successfully ordering the steak and frites entrée. Maybe I was inspired after watching an adorable French family talk and laugh over dessert. Maybe it was the fact that the “crème” dish was the least expensive. Whatever the case, our waiter delivered a bowl of whipped cream to our table. Caroline and I looked at each other and laughed. I remember forcing myself to eat it to make the waiter think that no, I wasn’t a stupid American, but that I actually wanted a bowl of whipped cream. This mishap was only one of many bonding experiences Caroline and I had over food during our travels. Whether it was eating goulash in Prague, apple pie in Amsterdam, or gelato at home in Florence, we enjoyed food in all of its forms.

Once we were back in the States, Caroline and I kept in touch often texting each other about our adventures in the kitchen and sharing pictures of the results (yes we are those people who take pictures of food). Then one night, after telling Caroline about an unfortunate incident involving a broken blender and hot sweet potato soup shooting out everywhere, we decided to start this little blog. One could say we both have a “latte issues” being unemployed and living back at home with our parents. Spending time in the kitchen and eating has become a way to comfort ourselves during this time of limbo. Since we love to share accounts of our food adventures and Instagram photos with each other, we thought we would share them all with you too. So stay tuned for tales of fortune/misfortune in the kitchen and our take on the unemployed life!


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